kid bathrooms

14 Ways Your Bathroom Looks Like You Have Kids

April 18, 2017

Dead giveaway. If you crane your neck to look past the baseball cards, unfolded underwear, used tape, and assortment of half-colored workbooks, and those weren’t the signal we have kids, welcome to my bathrooms. We live in a big ole house with lots of bathrooms. Some are rarely used. Some are frequent favorites. But nearly all of them have one of these fifteen characteristics of people-with-kid-bathrooms. 1) hand towel on the ground. It may be clean; it may be dirty. You just don’t know and don’t dare risk using it. It literally could have been anywhere. It’s also slightly damp. 2) garbage can missing. It was loaded with unmentionables and taken out to the kitchen to be tossed with the rest of the garbage . . . last week sometime . . . and hasn’t made it back. So meanwhile, there’s a pile of used q-tips, wet-ones, and hair balls in the corner. 3) toilet paper not on roll. It could be behind the toilet, on the back of the toilet, or set in the shower. But it’s not on the roll. 4) stool near toilet. If you’re an adult, please, do not use the stool. It needs to be wiped down. Just kick it with your foot out of the way so you can make it to the toilet, semi-unscathed. 5) suspicious crusting near toilet paper roll holder. Someone may have tried to wipe himself while waiting for a slow old mama to get the wet wipes to finish off a…

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