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Etsy Spotlight: Call Her Happy’s Tiny Bitty Embroidery Hoop Necklaces

May 7, 2014

When you meet wonderfully awesome ladies on the internet, and no, not in the mail-order-bride sort of way, and you discover you have tons in common, including etsy’ing in up, and they also love to eat copious amounts of olive oil on their baguettes, you know it’s time to feature their sweet etsy shop! Jenna of Call Her Happy {wonderful blogging} is also an artisan. You’ve simply got to check out her beautiful necklaces. They’re truly lovely. To get to know her & her shoppe better, I whipped out a few questions from my I-guess-I’m-a-wanna-be-journalist-not-lawyer back pocket. Check it, and order yours with the code CALLHERMAMA for 20% for Mother’s Day! Don’t think I haven’t already used my coupon! SHOP HERE! Jenna, you have a talent with a needle few can boast. Your beautiful needlepoint also brings needlepoint into the 21st century from the 19th!! No longer associated with our grandmothers, you’re bringing it back. Tell us a little about your craft, how you got started on creating, and why you love it. I think you underestimate just how granny I can be! But, I am going to take all of your kind words and run with them. Anyway, I started with embroidery after Sam was born (so a little less than a year ago). I have always loved creating, but once I had two kids, time for that was less than minimal. I discovered that embroidery was easy enough to pick up and put down when someone fell off…

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