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When My Kids Play Mass {{hand-made vestment review & coupon code}}

September 14, 2015

My junior high friend, Cynthia, has become one of my favorite adult mama Catholic world friends. She was actually Molly’s friend first, but I coopted her now as we go to the same parish, have kids around the same ages, and our husbands like to hang together too. We share of love of crafting and cooking, though I think she’s better at both than I am! Today I’m sharing with you about the vestments she’s hand-made for the little aspiring priests in your life. Of course, my mom bought three of these for her grandkids last year so I’m pretty partial to them, too. My oldest is five now and has had a serious hankering to become a priest since about 2. He’s fallen a bit out of this holy stage as piety swapped out for knighthood attempts (now it’s all honor and valor, so really similar, right?). BUT then I brought home Cynthia’s vestment for him and VOILA. Back to the altar making we go. But she also sells an entire KIT, people. Not just the vestments. And the three year old wears a few blue outfits and is playing “Holy Nun Mother of God Mary Jesus.” Cynthia’s going to tell you a little about herself and her work. And every single one of you is going have a 20% off coupon code for your shopping delights–use coupon code NELL20! SHOP HERE at Interior Castle Goods to support this sweet mama of five. — I know so many Catholic families who’ve…

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