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Round Up of Homemade Holiday Gifts {coupon codes for you!}

November 22, 2016

It’s gift season! I love giving and receiving gifts so very very much so the delights of the season are not lost on me. I asked around to all my creative hand making friends for a little coupon code for you from their shoppes. They were so generous to oblige!! So I’ve broken it down by genre to make it a little easier for you to scan through and make your selection. Supporting small businesses means that they really truly benefit from your purchase. Like, it can actually help them with their own holiday budget for their family & friends! So thank you for shopping small. Household Clean and Simple: I received the laundry soap & dish soap and absolutely love both of them. She does such a beautiful job on clean ingredients and recipes–a total mystery to me how one figures these things out. My dry itchy skinned children said their clothing felt “really good” after the washings and the dishwasher dishes smelled clean without that awful chemical smell! A big fan over here! WHOLEHOLIDAY for 25% off. Call Her Happy: embroidered wearable art, watercolors, and liturgical living guide. Jenna offers how to practice liturgical living with your small children in a VERY doable way. Talk about a happier household! I’m really looking forward to implementing her suggestions throughout Advent. (I love her hoop art, too, by the way, and her Anxiety book, so you can’t go wrong with anything from her shoppe!) Code: WHOLEPARENTLL for $3 off! Faberie: I love their washcloths…

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