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Greasy Hair Help

September 21, 2014

Oh, no, I wasn’t offering any. I was asking for help with my greasy hair. Often times I don’t have time to wash my hair. I have loads and yards of it and when I’m taking a bath at midnight {ME TIME!} or with the kids {THEM TIME!} I don’t want to stick my head awkwardly under the faucet and wash. So it can go a week+ and look pretty grease ball. Or maybe it’s okay? Humor me. No. Don’t. It’s greasy. Looking. My girlfriend Natalia over at Ma Nouvelle Mode has a youtube channel with hair help. She’s very very helpful!! And Katie at Wellness Mama has homemade natural shampoo, too. If you have darker hair, I think you can pull of the no shampoo forever and it doesn’t look greasy look. My sister Molly has! She alleges her husband didn’t even notice she hadn’t shampooed. Aron, is this true? But back to me and my make believe blonde–I mean reminding my hair follicles of the color God wanted them. What do I do with greasy hair when I have to go to a party (above pictured), or church (imagine this ^^ dress with a shrug), or a date ^^. ?? Do you like the kids’ bath toys in the background? Me too. Help a girlfriend out. That’s me.  

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