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October 13, 2014

Oh how I love nice baby clothes! And organic cotton? Whew. Over the top. Giving away two items this week || scroll to the bottom to skip me talking and talking. I’ve been in purge-declutter-natural-fabrics-only mode on the kids’ wardrobes. My girlfriend Jenna has it all about the capsule wardrobe and my girlfriend Carolyn has a great post on minimal maternity wardrobing it so they inspired me. The kids’ clothes. Dread and terror fill my heart when it’s time to switch sizes. I do have them sorted by size in huge bins in the attic. But I have to a) crawl under beams to get to them and b) haul them all out and stuff the old too-small clothing in. See how unpleasant this sounds? Enter my sister Molly and her organic skin care products & my sudden pang of awareness about natural fibers she’s brought into my life. Now I’m not gonna go crazy on you and say you can never ever shouldn’t bad parenting ever have a little polyester here and there. My minky blankets in my etsy shop are backed with them. But in general, I would really prefer my kids’ skin to be able to breathe. Both older kids are prone to eczema and the winter is only going to make things worse around here. So I purged out of our hand-me-downs and consignment sale clothings almost all the fake stuff. If it was cotton or wool or predominately one or the other, it stayed. Otherwise,…

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