getting your toddler to have quiet time

Toddler Quiet Time: a daily routine to get everyone breathing time

October 30, 2013

It’s my monthly hop over to day 2 day joys with Rachel. This time it’s all about Toddler Quiet Time. What? I can’t hear you. My toddler is screaming. Oh yes, I’m talking about a designated time everyday when your tot has time peacefully alone in your choice of baby jail. Sound like something you’d like in your house? Come read my six steps to it. It has really truly worked for me and others I’ve foisted my advice on. The key is to go slowly into it, never use it as a punishment, and implement it according to your child’s personality. Come get this magic time! And now for something different: pumpkin patch & friends’ horse barn. Let’s just say the horses made the kids insanely horse crazy (yes!) and me appreciate my horse family after all these years even more. I’ve known Michelle & Rachel for almost 17 years! ::our chunky love muffin likes pumpkin muffins. ::what is this huge horsie? all hers are soft and little. ::the best tia kk ever takes on the pastures with SuperBoy. ::our bag of apples didn’t make it far. ::will it lick my handie-pandie?? ::yes! the poor horse is eyeing the leftover apples. ::michelle made George into the stead for SuperBoy. ::his expression the whole ride. ::self-professed: he loves George. George is his best friend. And he wants to be an equestrian. That’s my son!

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