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Birth & Parenting Series (9): Mama’s First-Time Birth and Faith in Women’s Bodies

March 19, 2012

This is part 9 of our Birth & Parenting Series. Part 1 (Thoughts From a Mother of Four) is here, part 2 (Mother of Seven Shares Her Empowering Birth Stories) is here, part 3 (First-Time Mother of Twins) is here, part 4 (How First-Time Parents Braved a Placental Abruption) is here, part 5 (Childbirth Collective Doula Film Premiere) is here, part 6 (First-Time Mama Bravely Faces Transverse Baby & C-Section) is here, part 7 (Homeschooling Mama Shares Her Path to Schooling) is here, and part 8 (First-Time Papa’s Perspective on Birth Center Birth) is here.  This first-time mama went through more medical interventions than she had planned, but she stuck with her desire to use as little medical aid as possible and endured terrific and tough pushing to meet her baby girl! Talk about strong. Even with her daughter needing a little extra help to get her breath going, our author has faith in birth process and her daughter’s determination. I wonder where the little sweetie gets that from? A beautiful story to be shared by a sensitive and attuned mother. Before I give my story, I would like to say that a woman’s body is amazing and strong. Everyone is unique and has an amazing birth story. Whether a woman has a c-section, water birth, home birth or some other process, she produces a miracle and accomplishes something extraordinary. I had two goals, besides the most important one of having a healthy baby, for delivery. I wanted a natural, unmedicated birth and a vaginal delivery. Unfortunately, when…

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