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Series of 7 Selfies

May 14, 2015

the kind you can only send your sister. And should only. When I was a kid, my mom would tell me don’t make faces like that . . . what if your face got stuck like that? And do NOT DO THAT in front of other people. Here I am, a 32 year old mom of three, still making these faces. And texting them to my sister. Just to prove the internet is not a place only for fancy photos. But real ones too. Did you see Haley’s article on the hardness of being a mother? Did you see this bracelet? How about Nancy’s potty training lessons learned including surviving the faint tinge smell of poop at all times??? Did you see that Lydia had her baby girl and gave her the sweetest name ever? Happy Friday! Okay, it was only five. SORRY. I LIED. Join Kelly for the other people’s better selfless // seven quick takes.

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