fermented foods

Fermenting Foods: how I’ve come to embrace the lactic bacteria

April 4, 2014

Okay, or I’m working on it. A few girlfriends who are experts in the field of fermentation gave a presentation to a larger group that I hosted the other weekend. I was a mere bystander (taster?) of the goodness and have vowed now to eat only things that are fermented. I jest. Well, actually, one of the presenters does practically this and I swear she & her kids are so super healthy! Moral is: get over your fear of bacteria and get on the fermenting bandwagon. Molly laughed at me when I said what I was hosting, You, Nell? You hate sauerkraut and the like. Her hurled accusations are true! But, in my defense, I did learn to love kombucha tea in law school under the tutelage of dear Ukrainian family friends. So I was half way there years ago. The ladies focused their presentation on the history, science, & whys, and then demonstrated a little for us. Everyone walked away with their own fermenting jar of green beans, and a full belly of flavor filled kimchi. If you want to start checking all this out, go to the bible of it: Nourishing Traditions. My BFF Sarah gave it to me years ago and after paging through and earnestly deciding to cook liver constantly, I gave up years back. Sarah, I’m trying again! Sprouting your grains, fermenting your veggies, all of these are excellent for your health and how we used to eat for centuries. This isn’t a fad diet. This…

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