father cassian fulsom

Monks of Norcia: a book, a party, and I want to become a monk

March 5, 2015

We were able to host the most incredible party before Christmas of last year for a very special monastery: the Monks of Norcia, Italy. This place is mystical and magical. My husband, dad, and brother had all visited (before they knew each other, that is) and been so impressed by Prior Cassian Folsom and his monks. Their way of life is simple but difficult, following the Benedictine Monastic Life. Norcia was his birthplace and thus the location selected by Father Cassian when he founded this abbey. The story behind it is fascinating and hilarious, so please, do go read more here or on wiki, too. When a dear friend said that Father Cassian was coming to the Twin Cities and discussions were in play about where he could share more about the order and the abbey, we were all:: OH YA RIGHT HERE DON’TCHA KNOW?! Party chez nous, 100 folks, monk beer + Father Cassian and his amazing development officer: Bryan G + sweet wife (who was amazing pregnant but a total trooper). The house was teaming with people such that the windows were literally sweating. Father spoke on the history of the order and eloquently shared about the monks life. Bryan poured the very special beer the monks brew themselves. Everyone laughed and talked and ate desserts. A truly festive night honoring a wonderful group of monks! If you want to follow along on social media, find them on Facebook & the web. Their work is fantastic. I can’t tell how I just…

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