A last hurrah for this year for my etsy shop!

December 9, 2015

I loved this year and my sewing. It was such a joy to add a few new product lines! To scale back in some ways, but build in others. To figure out my pattern, my rhythm, my actual need and time for sewing. Homeschooling kinda kicked any spare seconds I had to the late nights, but if anything, it also showed me I’m crabbier and less patient without creative time. My last of my holiday items are all up! The shop has about fifty (5-0) things for you and your beloveds until next Wednesday and then I’m putting the shop on vacation til after the holidays. I’ve never done that, but it means I will make sure everything ships to you before the holidays! Lots of caps. Those double sided organic wash mitts. A handful of pennants are left. Only 5 of my triple layered soft organic blankets. A few sizes in the leggings. B U T in plenty are bandit bibs & contour cloths in gift sets (discounted & free shipping)! I just slipped these in–quick quick quick. These blankets have been so special for me. Last year I still used a poly minky but now I use a heavy cotton flannel (organic!) that feels more authentic and is incredibly soft yet durable. I have hung on to some of these fabrics for the right project, and others I snapped right up when I saw them this winter. Each blanket is filled with organic cotton batting and secured throughout…

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