easy indoor gardening

Re-Grow Your Celery and Lettuce

May 10, 2012

Nina’s been watching our every move outside this spring, and ensuring that SuperBoy doesn’t get hurt playing around. She’s 135 pounds of love. And he loves her. Our pets are part of our family (2 dogs, 2 cats), so it’s wonderful to see how much fun SuperBoy can have goofing around with her. See evidence of their love, here. In other outdoor news, AA has become a regenerative gardener. He’s replanted the stalk of romaine lettuce & celery. I had no idea this would result in a life-bearing plant. Reduce & reuse! So maybe we will never have to plant celery again? Or romaine? Or other vegetables? This was done at the suggestion of one of his sisters. Thank you, sis-in-law! There are more ornate ways to do it, but he simply dig a little hole in a pot, and planted the lower stalk of the vegetable. Add water and sun. 🙂 See a few articles on this here at Empress of Dirt and here at 17 Apart.  

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