dog days of summer

These Are the Easy Days

July 26, 2015

Well it’s the dog days of summer. I have no idea what that means. But I do know that I look around and think wowweeee I’m blessed. Not only because I have this rowdy fun family. But also because our seemingly overwhelming days of nonstop whining and tantrums are paired with blissful afternoons playing at the park, in the pool, reading books, and rushing off exactly no where. Except to catch that baby who insists on trying to emulate his naughty brother. (I do find myself repeatedly exclaiming “do not encourage bad behavior” because the big kids cheer him on whenever he’s being ambitious, shall we say.) The kids are taking greater risks and presumably experiencing more joyous rewards? I was on the phone in the Library when I heard a strange grunting noise. I had no child in eyesight (probably a real classy mom move there, novice nell) but when I stepped into the Entrance Hall, I beheld a car seat that had previously been stationed in the Dining Room, a whole room away mind you, now parked in front of the mail table that centers itself in the Hall. With an occupant. And a chauffer. Let’s just say he was elated and I was chagrined. How she dragged him + the base + the carseat I have no clue. Real buff girl here. Best part of summer? We had all the cousins together for a special event. The kids mauled their littlest cousin. I mean, there were outright scuffles…

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