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Story of Motherhood {lily jade purse giveaway!}

May 1, 2016

purse: c/o Lily Jade * lips: Hint of Tint by Brooklyn Herborium * sweater: similar cashmere here * dress: REI * boots: Bogs   Lately, with a new baby on the way, I’m feeling like I’m either improving in my role as a mom or I’m really really letting everything go so that it feels like it’s getting easier. Hard to tell which. You’d have to ask the kids. They’re gonna say I do a lot of #laydownmothering so probably letting it all go. But as I do watch the story of my motherhood unfold before me in the form of their aggressive hugs & sibling squabbles, I see more and more that this isn’t my story. It’s our story. I can be the best mom I think I am, thank you pinterest and instagram for the affirmation, but if I’m not connecting with them in a way they need, I’m not actually being a great mom. This give and take goes back and forth with three human beings separate from myself. Parts of the day they love me, parts of the day they loathe me, and much of the day they’re consumed with their own adventures and ignoring me and my calls to come in for lunch. Even how this new baby, only 7 weeks inside me, has taken our family to another level surprises me. The kids are unified in few things (aside from love of hot dogs and aversion to asparagus–I means, how is that possible? dripping with butter…

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