dealing with two young children

The Logistics of Two: How to Have a Toddler and an Infant

March 7, 2012

  So we’re down to six weeks out, give or take a bit. It’s not a due date, right? It’s a “guess” date. They always say that in Blooma yoga classes (haven’t been? Hello?! prenatal support group, work out, and affirmation session!). And I like that. So instead of saying “I’m due April 16.” I say “I’m due sometime in April. My birthday is the 10th, AA’s is the 3rd, my brother’s is the 21st, so she could come and squash any of our birthdays 🙂 But truly, my beloved readers, how do the logistics of two children work? J is good about (and happy to) play by himself often. He thrives in our Montessori-esque set ups, with access to all sorts of exploratory toys, all his senses involved, etc. But what about when all 30 pounds of him needs to be hauled to time-out? What about when he screams “NO!” when I gently but firmly tell him it’s time to change his poopy diaper. (My sister should be laughing here because I’m certain our perfect goddaughter will be potty-trained by 20 months. See her post on Elimination Communication here :). What about when he needs help eating his soup? Thankfully babies are small, and wearable, and sleepy, and snuggly. Thankfully J is sweet, for the most part, and self-sufficient, as much as he can be at his age (his daddy has this whole teeth-brushing routine down with him that I’ll share later. So cute!). But two children? Any aged…

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