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How I Make when I Make {sew, baby, sew}

February 25, 2016

People ask me about how I make time for sewing when my life sounds like a zombie zookeeper’s. Okay, so I made that description up. But I do get asked it a lot. I make baby & tot leggings, bibs, burp cloths, skirts, blankets, and banners at Whole Parenting Goods.  First, I wrote this about starting an etsy shop. Then I wrote this about what I’ve learned about being a “maker.” But today I’m musing about the actual logistics of how I make the time in my life with no time to sew. 1) all work and no (sewing creative play) means I’m a dull girl. Because I’m driven to make by my desire to continue to feed that creative part of me, I find the time no matter what. It’s not every day, but I’m always scheming something new, plotting something fun, or daydreaming about how I’m going to finish that seam, someday. I know I need a break when I’m not interested in getting to my machine. Sometimes that means I need to take my precious few minutes of creative time and handle some fabric instead, look at my grandmother’s box of old patterns, or scroll pinterest. Changing it up can freshen me so that when I go back to churning through orders, I don’t get bleh-ey. Something many mama artisans don’t talk about is that it can be a drag at times to finish the orders. Start them? Exciting. Finish the finishing touches? Tough. Especially if you are…

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