crafting space disaster

Me crafting + $200 Amazon gift card + my sister

June 10, 2015

You are all about this, right? Pics of me and my messy studio and my projects? You know how many people post these photos of their sewing room so orderly and you think, I could totally do that. Well, feast your eyes. I cannot operate in an orderly fashion though I dearly wish I could. But before you do, if you’re on instagram, hop over before friday and enter the $200 loop giveaway for an amazon gift card my friends and I are doing? Katrina and I contacted four other friends who run small mama-made shops and we all pitched in for a gift card for you. COME OVER TO INSTA! It’s a way to connect our friends with our other friends who are crafty. Buy small. Buy from a mama. Buy local! My sister Molly’s Brooklyn Herborium biz is in the running for a $100,000 grant. But to be eligible, she needs 250 votes. She’s already over 180! CLICK HERE and click through from your Facebook account. You don’t have to register. Nada. Thank you. She’s a hard working mama of two and she and Emma both are so passionate about making organic skincare for you! How can you say no to their cute cute kids? Okay, here I am. Trying to get all these projects out the door because I have a bunch of new things I want to make for you and can’t stand the wait!! Now you’ve seen my total mess. Hopefully you’ll still be my friend?   All…

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