cousins in the summer

Sliding Back to Normal Life + New Project

July 7, 2016

It feels weird to be home and normal because it feels so home and normal. I was on the road for two weeks–first the Finding Your Fiat conference in Illinois, then a partial day home, then packed up the kids with my mom & sister and flew to New York to stay with my other sister and her family, then AA joined us and we all drove down to Virginia to see more family, joined by my dad, and other sister & spouse. That’s the last few weeks in a nutshell. A very run-on sentence one. I posted a lot on instagram–things like how karaoke with Marie Miller is fabulous (especially when you’re singing uptown funk with Laura), NYC cousins make birthdays so much better, and that wearing a swimsuit at Coney Island when you feel body-ugh is fine. In Virginia we not only had a mini-family reunion but got to see close family friends perform (SweetPea’s first time seeing her Godfather play a live show!). Now that we’re back home, and my life-bending hyperemesis appears *hold your breath* appears to be abated somewhat, we can actually go places! And do things! And I can cook! And eat a little! Mostly we spend our mornings playing around the house, listening to Story of the World, playing with hieroglyphic stamps, and occasionally enduring screams of shock and awe that someone disrupted their masterpiece of toilet paper carefully shredded to “feed” their dollies. AA is marathon training again but this time I’m not only…

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