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Cloth Diaper Options in a World of Cloth

April 24, 2011

Photo credits: Emily Rumsey Photography The world of cloth diapering is overwhelming! So many options and brands. Diapers are kinda like jeans–what fits you perfectly might not fit your sister. For all three of our kids, my elder two pictured above at various stages, we (have) or (do) use prefolds, as stated. However, we’ve purchased many other, newer, more exciting, more new-agey options that I’ll discuss here. They’ve worked on different occasions, and to varying degrees of satisfaction. 1) Prefolds. Got a good look? That’s not your grandma’s diaper pin. It’s a Snappi. Love ’em. a) Pros: easy to wash, fits any shape/size/thigh/bum, and inexpensive. b) Cons: takes 8-10 seconds to put on, unlike a fitted. Not many cons in my mind. 2) Covers. We use Babeegreens wool covers. They’re easy, and the wool is waterproof when lanolized, which I re-do about every few weeks. Poopy on there? Rinse it and let it dry! The company is a small family owned outfit in North Carolina and they’re wonderful! Just what you need to cover up your prefold or fitted. Another popular product are the plastic Thirsties numbers. They are wipeable, non-leakable, plastic covers. A drawback to them is they can puddle a little and make your new clean diaper damp. 3) Fitted. Amazing lovely? Yes! Waterproof? No! These suckers do need a cover, which is their big drawback. Also, you need many many of them to get through two days of diapers. Let’s say, about 15 or 20. And that adds up price-wise…

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