coping with two children

Adjusting to Two Children

April 24, 2012

The past two weeks have been a whirlwind of nursing, playing, activity, sleep, and no sleep. People always told me going from no children to one child was the greatest leap, but second to that is the jaunt from one child to two. And it is quite a trip. As noted, AA was fortunate enough to have a week off work (Paternity Leave!) wherein he could help me with all my postpartum healing needs (draw me baths, fetch me water, assure me my eyes won’t have these enormous circles under them forever), snuggle with our darling girl, and keep SuperBoy entertained and from going mad with being cooped up indoors. He’s back at work this week and I’m discovering the many joys and challenges to having two children. 1) Challenge: you cannot hold your second child skin-to-skin constantly like you did your first. It seems that as soon as I settle into a chair with SweetPea, skin-to-skin, SuperBoy would like help getting his Army guys out of his cupboard, or he suddenly needs me to go and look for Squirrel Nutkin out the back door, or the doorbell rings and it’s the delivery man. Skin-to-skin is very crucial for a number of reasons, to be discussed in a post later this week, but mostly she is getting her quality skin-to-skin either when she nurses or at night when SuperBoy is passed out in his crib. 2) Joy: your firstborn wants your secondborn to also kiss his boo-boos. Pretty precious when…

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