congested infant

Congested Baby & Treatments for Her Cold Virus

June 11, 2012

We all caught a cold. This is always what happens when my son plays with other kids (as all children are disease vectors, right?). But to keep him away from everyone because someone has a runny nose? Not worth it. I didn’t figure that SweetPea and I would get sick too, but that, also, is a no-brainer. Can you tell what I do when I’m in bed with her? Knit, read, and work on my laptop? Guilty. She’s a mere nine weeks old and so I really hate to see her congested, and snorting when she nurses. Thankfully I am nursing so at least she can get some antibodies from me, since she probably got the virus from me! After consulting doctor google, and my own med staff, here’s my brief assessment of how to help your congested nursing little one. Please add what you’ve found to be helpful! 1) Nurse nurse nurse. Your breastmilk has the best medicine in it. Try to offer nursing as much as you can, especially if baby is having trouble staying latched due to congestion. Breastmilk has healing amazing qualities (insert all the medical benefits of breastmilk here). 2) Vaporizer. Warm misting vaporizer can help clear baby’s passage ways. These can also be bacterial breeding grounds. So when you use it, clean it out and don’t let water sit in it for too long. Also, best to use if baby is in the room with you. It will spray mist, so don’t put it…

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