Composting for Beginners

May 26, 2011

There is composting, and then there is vermiculture. Composting for us means a large pile down below our house in our hilly backyard that is a) fenced in, b) a menagerie of veggie & fruit & other compostables + yard cuttings, and c) free to compost at its own rate with periodic turning. Vermiculture is using a container + worms to get that rich, wonderful black dirt. Two of my sisters do it this way as they have smaller space considerations than we do. It goes to show that you can compost regardless of your home/yard size! 1) Getting started. Brush up on composting basics. The internet is your playground and guidebook. The EPA’s info: here. How To Compost: here. The Green Man on Home Composting: here. First off, determine how much space you have, and how much time and material you want to devote to composting. Is this a large project to feed your large garden? Is this to cut down on garbage? Is this to fulfill your “green” conscience guidelines? Do you want a garbage can out back? Do you want an entire fenced-off area? Do you want to build a container? Do you want a fancy composter? 2) Gather your supplies. Whether it be a self-built container, a fenced-off area (like us), or a store-bought container, set up your compost area. Don’t forget you also need a designated compost trash bin in your kitchen space. Something with holes is nice so the stuff can breathe indoors and not smell terribly…

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