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Why CoSleep With Your Baby?

February 9, 2012

Here’s another guest post from Molly W, who wrote on Pregnancy Fitness here, and recently about Elimination Communication here. She and her husband practice co-sleeping with their little 5 month old girl and she shares why it works for her.  “Aren’t you afraid you’re going to roll over on her?” People inquire. Yes, of course, which is likely the reason I haven’t yet crushed our little daughter who sleeps in our bed with us. You’ve heard of it, and probably have done it lots if you have a new baby since they seem to sleep best on mommy’s chest.  I thought cosleeping was kindof weird, for poncho-wearing parents who add chia seeds to their homemade granola. Now I guess I just need to dig up the old baja poncho from ’94 to seal my entry into the club. We originally bought a mini-armsreach cosleeper. The name is deceiving because it is in fact a bassinet which sidles up along the bed, but is not easy to get baby in and out of if you are laying down. V would toss around in it and only calm down if I put my hand in it and touched her, totally uncomfortable sleeping position for me, but I didn’t want to “train” her to sleep in the bed with us since I feared she would never sleep anywhere else, also that I would roll over on to her. When she was 2 months old, I was going back to work soon, still sleep…

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