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Cloth Diapers at Night

April 4, 2011

Yes, we have discovered a vast and powerful secret: you can successfully use cloth diapering for long nights, sans changes! SuperBoy sleeps 10-12 hours (unless teething) and has since 10 weeks (his choice, nothing magical on my part). We do not change his diaper in the middle of the night, nor does he have a rash in the AM, nor does he awaken from a wet diaper. Same for SweetPea. We started her with the night diaper around 10 weeks, and even though she does awaken still to nurse a little at night, we don’t have to change her diaper. It’s WONDERFUL! 1) Magical combo. TWO gcloth inserts + One bumgenuis 4 one size cotton with snaps.   The gCloth comes in a package of 6. We purchased three of the bumgenius. Therefore, we have three “night diapers.” 2) Assemblage. Yes, you insert the two cloths with the hemp side down stacked on top of one another into the pocket of the diaper cover. Presto. The brilliance of the one-size bumgenius is that you simply adjust the snaps to be smallest for when your little one is small and use the “small” size gCloths. Then when your little one is not so small, you adjust the snaps and use the “medium/large” gCloths. SuperBou has used this since he was about 10 weeks old and we still have the same bumgeniuses. They’re in great shape. 3) Cleaning. a) Remove the inserts and drop them into the wash, and toss the diaper in.…

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