clean house

Apartment Therapy features our playroom . . . and we’re a little messy here

August 30, 2014

And . . . news! Apartment Therapy featured our playroom!!!! Which led me to ponder as of late, will I ever have a really clean house? The answer? No. I won’t. Because that would mean my children weren’t here. At all. That’s not (ironically) because they’re all that dirty. That’s also not because they create that much of a mess. It’s because my time spent with them means I’m not cleaning our big big old house. When they’re sleeping (all three at once? pppshaaaa yah right), okay, when the bigs are sleeping and the baby just woke up, I might clean the kitchen, or prep for dinner, or design a new blanket for my etsy shop, or do laundry. But dust? Vacuum? Catch up on all my sewing projects? Probably not. When Design Mom featured our home, I dusted around the frame of the lens of my camera. And with Apartment Therapy, I may have run a vacuum before these pics were snapped. But the day-to-day? It’s a little dirty and filled with cobwebs. But the kids still romp around, oblivious to the dust. They still play chess. They still run up the front stairs shouting “last one’s a rotten egg” before nap time. They still love me, despite my poor housekeeping abilities. I don’t want to look back at this time and think wow my house was so clean. I want to look back and think wow my time was so full. Whether it’s spent volunteering in our local awesome birth& parenting world as an associate…

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