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Two Book Reviews & a Journal Giveaway

November 21, 2014

Oh hello lovelies! It’s me, again. I’ve been so underwater these past few weeks. I miss you! I feel like I’ve written a dozen blog posts in my head and then cannot get to my computer for uninterrupted time to actually share them with you. Earlier this week I wrote about re-centering for the holidays and I’ve been working on that not-freaking-out part all week long. I hope you’re not eyeballing Thanksgiving with a hint of the freak-out in your stomach. Be like me: procrastinate!! Actually, I’ll be sharing my Thanksgiving meal plan tomorrow for our weekly chat about meal planning: Week Eats! And early next week I’ll have all my holiday gift options for the etsy shoppe ready & raring to go. So brace yourself for fabric overload. But in the meanwhile, I’d like to gift you three things: Rebecca’s book, Cari’s book, and the Blessed is She devotional advent journal. /// Rebecca’s book. Teaching in Your Tiara: a homeschooling book for the rest of us. She blogs at Shoved to Them.  I met Rebecca briefly at the Edel Gathering last summer. We chatted in the lobby. She was so down to earth and funny. HECK very funny. When I realized she was an author of a homeschooling guide, I was all can i read and review your book and give one away?? She was all: yes. You see when we first started thinking about schooling options, as all first time parents do, I was probably pregnant with our first…

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