christmas outtakes

Christmas Outtakes

December 29, 2015

So I’m not ready for the holiday season to be over. The cousins all together for the first time for Christmas!! My siblings surrounding me at every turn (quite so, when I turned from the counter to the pantry to dump something in the trash, there was always someone Tuning out the outside world to keep our circus from ending in rampage, stampede, and certain maiming by the 19 month old who still randomly bites. One thing that was really special, among the bazillion, was that I made matching leggings for all seven grandkids (ages 5 and under), we procured cream cable knit irish sweaters for all of them, and my sister Molly made felt crowns for everyone for a Christmas pic for my parent’s annual letter update on their lives for their friends and family. Molly’s gone home with her crew, Peter will go home in a few days as well, and then all will be dull and sad until our next family reunion. I’m feasting my eyes on these outtakes from our photo sesh in the meanwhile. Not touched up. Raw grit here, people. I hope your holidays were merry and bright and if you’re still celebrating the 12 days of Christmas, rock on with that, too! A foot . . . Aron? Peter? Someone? Ladies, don’t hold back. Tell us how you really feel about being royalty. If only the other two boy cuzes were in this one!! And my monster tot. How’s that candy cane,…

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