choosing a christmas picture

the painful art of choosing a Christmas photo

November 3, 2014

I don’t get it. They’re pretty adorable in real life. I just simply cannot say the same after I’ve threatened and cajoled them into attempting Christmas pictures. You heard it from the goat’s mouth. These pictures are pretty abysmal. We tried to rush them in after SuperBoy had sustained a tolerable level of good behavior at the 2 hour (you heard me. Two hour) mass at our beloved parish for All Souls Day. It was Mozart’s Requiem. Google it, people. It’s stunning. But I kept little screamer (that’s the one you know affectionately as SweetPea) and the true angel of the family (BabyLoves) at home. She has taken to acquiring an F- at mass these days. The girl who cried potty one too many times. The girl who needs whatever her brother has and isn’t afraid to slap for it. He was dressed up anyway, so I cleaned up her, and put something on the baby, and voila. Christmas photo opp. {also not afraid to show you what a 31 year old who has had three kids and isn’t working out regularly’s neck looks like. be warned, as my girl Lyz puts it so much more funnierly. Be warned.} Help me pic a Christmas photo?? I LOVE my cousin Meghan’s work but this year we’re on a tightytight budget leash so I think I’ll be printing them meeeself. Check out her work if you want something really pretty! And then she opened her eyes. Kinda ends with some foot aggression,…

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