Two Books You’ll Love {{and can take away with you}}

May 28, 2015

If you aren’t into giveaways of books, skip to my last post on shouting at your kids. If you never shout at your kids, skip to my friend Abbey’s awesome story about being okay with quitting a field trip with her kids. Loved it. Two books to share about today. One is a compilation of essays by many of my friends who are excellent writers, the other is a unique children’s book that encourages exploration of feelings and verbalizing them through word art. The first book, Rosaries Aren’t Just for Teething, was compiled by my friend Michele, a lovely blogger & writer. We met at a conference earlier this year and was struck by how comfortable she was in her own skin, and how genuinely interested in reaching out to others she was. All at the same time. A beautiful combination. She brings together twenty authors whose essays are reflections on each mystery of the Rosary through the lenses of their experiences as mothers. Let me just say 180ish pages and I was one weepy lady. So much packed in joy & beauty & suffering. A must read for the woman interested in the life of Jesus’ mother. Just. Must. If you aren’t the winner, or you like paperback instead of e-books, head to amazon & get it. The second book, Happy, Too, by Victoria Marie Hamaty and illustrated by Kiara A. Sanchez, is one my kids can’t put down. Perhaps it is the last page, entitled “talk time, by your side” which…

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Unstructured Playtime: What Your Child Can Come Up With

January 24, 2012

Their little minds never cease to amaze me. J has come up with several container games of his own design as of late. We encourage unstructured exploration playtime during the day, in hopes his imagination will ignite. Sometimes this means lots of interactive play with him, but other times it means he becomes engrossed in something and can’t resurface for a while. The tennis ball tupperware game means you put as many tennis balls as you can in one tupperware, then move them to another all at once. If you find one that the dog has been chewing on and it’s a bit worn down, you turn to your mother or father and proclaim it to be “ishy!” Or you decide to chew on it as well.     Bugs! Plastic ones. Moving them from container to container, using my mom’s old marshmallow cream jars, provided lots of fun the other day. He wouldn’t stop to give me a high five after having completed his self-assigned task. Instead, he began again, in earnest, to put them all in one container, and then pour them all at once into the other.       Letters and numbers on his easel, the gift from my parents for Christmas, while playing with my dad. He loves his Baba, and loves showing him his letters and numbers. Our counting always starts at “two” and skips around a bit, and he’s obsessed with the letter “e.”     Kisses for all! J is an equal…

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