childbirth education in the Twin Cities

You’re Pregnant. Now What?

October 22, 2012

Emily Rumsey Photography Do you live in Minneapolis/Saint Paul or thereabouts? Are you expecting your first baby? What are the first steps toward learning more about your options for childbirth here in the Metro? I got news for you: long gone are the days of  just showing up at the hospital, push, push, and then having a cigar (probably not you, probably your partner). Now you’ve got childbirth classes, doulas, birth plans, midwives, OB/GYNs, water births, land births, drugs, no drugs, and different kinds of drugs. It’s an avalanche of info. And I’m not even talking about all the unsolicited input from well-intentioned friends and relatives. 1) Childbirth education classes. Why do you need a class to tell you what’s totally natural and biologically normal? Just because our bodies know what to do doesn’t mean our heads do. Trust me, a lot of it is not intuitive. The Twin Cities boasts a number of great childbirth education centers and classes. Begin with a free meeting offered by the Childbirth Collective, a non-profit run by birth professionals that’s a fabulous resource for families. See here for the schedule of parent topic nights. I’ve done reviews & introductions of two of our newest childbirth ed places: BabyLove in Eagan {BabyLove: A New Place for Childbirth Education in the Metro}, Enlightened Mama in Saint Paul {Newest Childbirth Education Center in the Metro: Enlightened Mama}, Flutterby Birth Services on the West Side of town {Flutterby Birth Services: My Chat with Owner & Founder}, numomma in downtown Saint Paul {numomma: the…

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