Food for Your Belly & Brain: C’mon Over to My Table

July 19, 2015

I wish I could invite you all into my kitchen. It’s a spacious kitchen. It could probably fit almost all of you 😉 But truly, breaking bread with friends or bringing bread to them is one of my most rewarding actions in life. So because you live in your computer as I live in mine, let’s do this virtually. Before I give you the food that we’ve been gulping down, a few places to feed your brain: 1) Building Bridges Podcast I talk with Cristina & Jenna about our approach to parenting which is a mesh of attachment & survival. I think we all want this golden ticket for parenting: this amazing approach + book that will ensure the best children and best parenting experience ever. It does not exist. I repeat: it doesn’t! My little girl and big boy even make a cameo interruption. Yes, we talk about co-sleeping & sex too. 2) Shake it off, Jesus Edition My devotion that addresses how evangelizing works within relationships and a world that may not agree with you. How to not personalize, love, and just truck along with your beliefs while accepting others where they are. 3) FOOOOOOD   Smitten Kitchen’s Raspberry Cake.   Alice Waters’ Yellow Cake + my mom’s chocolate frosting from scratch   Lavender Blueberry Muffins modified from King Arthur Flour recipe.   Smitten Kitchen Slaw // modified with red cabbage.   Roasted asparagus. Olive oil & broil + salt + pepper.   Loaded nachos. Broiled in toaster…

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Week Eats v.12 // Meal Planning & Link Up

February 20, 2015

Hi. Remember me? With my high resolutions about meal planning? It’s been a bit of a mess over here. But I’m determined to get back on my own band wagon. Is it called a band wagon if it was yours? Like you, singular? The purpose of Week Eats is to give each other ideas and inspiration on what we’re preparing for the week for food. And if you’re a blogger, and you blogged about food in any capacity this week, link up so we can get inspiration there, too? Peas and thanks. My friend Rachel started a great Facebook group with her meal plans for the week. Talk about saweeeet? Yup. Sweet. So ask to join here and see what wonders she performs. I’m inspired. And hungry just reading it. I’m going to borrow a little from Rachel and then scoot back to my usual and predictable ways, Smitten Kitchen, et al. The week is a special one because our dear friends in a band are staying with us. So I’ll be feeding seven hungry men in addition to my usual crew. Monday: steak night and celebrating a special birthday I’ve been doing steaks the Alton Brown method with cast iron skillets in a 500 degree oven. And they’ve been really ruddy good. So go read his method here. Cinnamon roasted butternut squash. Mushroom risotto with peas. Sweet potato fries made right. Two desserts: strawberry mousse and lemon poppy seed cake. Tuesday: Beef Chili & chocolate cake. I won’t eat…

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