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3 Missing-Your-Child Tips When You Have to Travel

August 27, 2011

It’s been almost a week that I’ve been out here in New York helping my sister and her husband with the difficulty of their little girl being in the hospital. It has been a tough and learning experience to be away from my own child during this time. I’m so glad I have the support system back home such that my little J doesn’t appear to notice mama is gone. My parents and siblings have been wonderfully present during the day, and AA has been at work less. Our friends have been over with meals. J actually appears to have had the time of his life this past week! A few missing-your-child travel tips: 1) If you are still nursing, keep up the pumping. I came prepared to pump in the am and pm, as that has been J’s nursing schedule. I’m grateful my milk is still here and hope traveling home through TSA isn’t too terrible. It’s helped me stay connected mentally to my toddler and ensured neither of us had to quit cold turkey. (My sister’s baby came early.) 2) Look at photos and videos. I get daily media updates from my sister, mother, and husband. We decided it would might too tough for a 14 month-old to skype with mama, and be able to see me, but not touch me, especially as he hasn’t had any meltdowns or tantrums indicating he needs me. Therefore I get to see him, but he just hears my voice over the…

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