brahms’ lullaby

Get More Cello & Piano in Your Life

November 14, 2011

AA and I had a fabulous date on Friday night to the Zuill Bailey and Navah Perlman concert sponsored by the St. Croix Concert Series. Sadly, it was a farewell concert for the series that has run successfully for 12 years. They performed Brahms, Chopin, and Schumann, and a special Tchaikovsky. It was truly spectacular!! Zuill Bailey played like the cello was an extension of his body, so gracefully and effortlessly! And Navah Perlman (yes, Itzak Perlman’s daughter) was remarkable, especially on the Chopin pieces. The Brahms was ferocious and vibrant, example here. Most notably beautiful piece of the night: Tchaikovsky’s Nocturne for Cello and Piano, example here but with an orchestra. They ended with Brahms’ lullaby, which is J’s night song (and more on selecting music for your child here). I wept at the beauty of it (yes, pregnant women are extra hormonal :). Here’s Bailey playing Bach’s Saraband from his cello suites in G: Breathtaking! Great NPR interview with him here. He is a master. The cello is a particular love of mine, and classical music in general, so this was a real treat to see two such artists at work. Experience beautiful music at every chance you get! If you don’t appreciate beauty, and take the time to do so, how can you instruct your children about it?  

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