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Christmas without My Brother & a Freshly Picked Moccasin Giveaway for You!

December 17, 2014

In light of BabyLoves turning a full 7 months today, going on 18 months practically speaking, we’re running a Freshly Picked Moccasin giveaway!!! The team over there is so lovely and so generous as to send me a pair of my choosing to tell you about, and for one of you lucky folks to make your own selection as well! Check their beautiful site for styles ranging from everything your heart desires for your daughter to everything you ever dreamed of for any bebe. The unique design of these means there’s a hidden elastic band so these cannot come off. I mean, cannot. I mean, the baby who kicks and kicks and the toddler who flails can’t drop them at church under the pew or under the restaurant booth table. No losing shoes. WIN. And the bottom of them feels like leather butter. No exaggeration. Incredibly soft & durable. These are going to survive my baby’s antics, yes indeeeeedie. I selected the AMERICA ones. Above all their fabulous style lines, this one called to me right away. You see, my little brother is in the Army and he’s Godfather to both our boys so for his littlest Godson, of course this was the perfect fit. It also goes great with the festive holiday leggings I just made mr size 18months. And the wool shirt he shares with his pint-sized older sister {{they’re on sale!!}} My brother is the apple of all our eyes, as he’s the youngest of the five and has four older…

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