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drink it like it’s hot

November 6, 2014

If you know me, and you do, oh, yes, you do, you know I love hot beverages. I’m a poser. This is a rambling post. Brace yourselves. Teething has rendered me virtually brainless. Hop to Olivia’s blog for the last moments of giving away a Bandit Bib. Because: teething. I’m going to point you to my top teething solutions. Hop here. The advantage of a blog spanning multiple teething children. Right-o. But on to me. I love hot chocolate. Above all else. I will drink it to death, if on a dessert island. I could have multiple a day til my kidneys failed me. I could never ever go full non-dairy and non-chocolate because this is my life blood. When I was a little girl I would order chocolate milk at any given opportunity at a restaurant–which wasn’t that often. I just love love love chocolate in liquid form. BUT I also have grown begrudgingly fond of my sister’s tea. If you recall, out of us five kids, only one is really doing interesting things, Bridget. Okay, but Molly is a close second. Bridget {wave wave wave} is remarkable. And if you ask my mom what she does for a living, she will give you a quizzical look and pause, long, before responding something with computers . . . ? Actually, the sister between them is the most giving and selfless, and my brother is serving our country, so it really just leaves me doing the boring stuff. Like talking about tea and cocoa.…

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