baby led weaning

when // how // where introducing solid foods to your baby {guest post by a real foodie}

October 23, 2014

Well my dears, I have a real treat for you! A new girlfriend who’s an incredible foodie is kind enough to share her methods of starting solid foods with us today. With BabyLoves edging into his fifth month and snatching things, I’m still determined to hold off til his gut bacteria is ready (AAP recommended 6 months) and, frankly, because I’m not ready for the MESS. But when we do start down that lane, I am eating ALL of this advice. Right. Up. Hop to her site for two recipes & a giveaway of one of my Bandit Bibs. Like you’re a bunny. hop hop            HOP. And while you’re there, follow her because we all need all the food help we can get. Thanks, Sarah. Take it away with your adorable children!! — Hello Whole Parenting friends! I’ve been following along with Nell’s adventures since her blog was mentioned over on Camp Patton a while back. I always enjoy seeing what she is up to, and reading her advice on all things kid related! Let’s just say her recent post on 4 year old discipline spoke to me! I’m a mama to two mostly sweet boys—David (pronounced in Spanish— da-veed), 3 ½, and Jonathan, 6 months. You can read all about our foodie adventures over on my blog Fried Dandelions. Stop by today to get two new baby food recipes, and enter for a chance to win one of Nell’s fabulous Bandit Bibs! Today I am…

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