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BabyLoves sleeps and sleeps happily

August 20, 2014

I couldn’t have ordered up an easier sleeper. *dodging shoes & old tomatoes now* Please, take pity on me as SweetPea never slept through the night til after we night weaned her (that’s fancy crunchy talk for stopped nursing her when she cried and woke up at night) at 12 months and then my poor sainted husband spent 4-6 weeks rocking her back to sleep most nights. Now you can think, oh, you should have let her cry it out; it’s your own fault she was a bad sleeper. Had that thought or similar? Fair enough. But she was a real peanut size wise and breastmilk was her best caloric intake. And I didn’t intend for it to keep going. Every night we’d stare at the ceiling and murmur out of exhaustion to each other should we go get her? should i go in there and nurse? should we come up with an actual plan here? So when this fat baby–sorry, but when you start out at an ounce shy of 10 pounds and you’re already clear up near 15–I mean adorably big baby latched on happily, nursed himself asleep, and has been an amazingly sound sleeper ever since the get-go, we have been relieved and delighted. I’ve written a ton about sleep and lack thereof. So search sleep on the homepage if you need tips or help or commiserating. My most read post on it is this little ditty here. I have a new sleeping helper to tell you about, too. I…

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