baby bonnets

Click Clack Stitch & Sick

June 15, 2015

My quickie update! Oh, I have so many wonderful posts in draft. All kinds of interesting (only to my mother) things! But as I’ve been down with a stomach flu (good thing I’m such a pro at having all-pregnancy long morning sickness so vomiting doesn’t really phase me::no, not pregnant this vomit-sesh) and had family in town so twirly whirly and not lots of typing. But did you hear??? GRACE had her BABY!! And speaking of me not being pregnant, but apparently needing to work out, this happened today that I shared on Facebook: While nursing today, my daughter wandered over to point out my “big belly that might be growing a new baby.” I let her poke it, prod it, sniff it and then told her no new baby right now but that mamas whose babies grow in their bellies sometimes have extra love left in there. That’s what I’m going to call my post-baby bump. Positive body image starts young. They’re watching us! Your responses were so beautiful. And the number of folks whom it resonated with! I really want to show my daughter a healthy love of my body, even when I’m out of shape. Especially when I’m out of shape. Stitch? Did someone say bonnet? Okay, tttttotal non-sequitor but it’s that kinda day. These are piling up on my work table and I cannot *squeeeeeal* wait to do a release of about a dozen to my subscriber list first, and then the commoners. 😉 Have you…

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