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Answer Me THIS: linking up with Catholic All Year

July 14, 2014

Do you know Kendra from Catholic All Year? She’s so electronically lovely (I can only say this because I’m still just an electronic friend). Her blog is inspirational, funny, and great. Her weekly link up of “Answer Me This” is a great virtual cocktail party Sunday nights. Or mornings. Depending on how badly the children were at church. SuperBoy (4) has morphed from perfect altar boy wannabe to monster and SweetPea (2) has always been devilish. Without further ado / / / / / / 1. How did you get your name? I love my name story because it’s a little wild. Wild for me, that is. I was baptized Ellen O’Leary, but as things would flesh out, my parents named me Ellen to call me Nell. Because Nell isn’t a real Catholic name. It’s a nick name. But Ellen O’Leary was a great aunt on my dad’s side, I think. And my folks loved the name. Because we’re 75% Irish but look all of our 10% Dutch. It took years for me to figure out my name was really Ellen. Probably until I was in kindergarden and then had to correct teachers the first day of school for the next 13 years, oh, yes, and substitute teachers all the time. After consulting with my parents’ feelings, I legally changed my name to Nell upon high school graduation. To forgo the awkwardness in college and future life. 2. Do you have a set time for prayer in your day? Oh…

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