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Dry Winter Skin

February 23, 2012

  Winter in Minnesota: lots of lotion, itchiness, and no incentive to bathe (sorry, AA!) as it’s cold, dry, and just all around bad weather here. I know, I know, it’s been a mild winter. That’s nice. But it’s not SoCal, okay? What to do for your dry winter skin? 1) Hydration & nutrition. First off, stay hydrated. Water moves from the inside out. So drink up, H2O that is, especially if you’re a soda, coffee, or tea drinker as those are dehydrants. And what you eat has a HUGE impact on your skin. I’m no expert, but it’s things you’d think of, like berries, good fats (avocado, nuts), beans, dark chocolate (yes!!!). Google it up (as my dad says). 2) Lotion. Secondly, lotion up. And with real stuff, not the icky smear-around-cheap-crap. Go buy something that is a little more expensive, but has real and penetrating ingredients. I love any variety of things I find at the Coop, but stick with lots of great oils as well. My mom got a few gallons of this Goat’s Milk lotion from some little vendor in Vermont a few years back for all of us for Christmas (she thought she was ordered a far smaller quantity–and probably made this goat farmer’s year with her purchase order). It’s amazing. For pregnant mamas, the Mambino Organics Moisturizing Toning Oil is amazing (my sister gave it to me last pregnancy and I still have some left over for this one!) and a little goes a…

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