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How I’m Trying to Go Deeper into Scripture

October 4, 2015

Catholics are notorious for not knowing the Bible like their Protestant counter parts. And it’s true! We didn’t memorize Scripture passages growing up–we memorized the Catechism and prayers. Those still come easily to me, many many decades out from my little Catholic grade school, but the Bible? I really do want it to be front & center in our kids’ lives. I also want it to be more present in my own life, especially in the next few months when the liturgical season of Advent begins and my busy mom life ramps up for Christmas (aka guests in town and presents galore–oh, and also, Jesus?). My friends Laura & Nancy and I put together something for you. It’s for the youngish Catholic mom who wants to spend time with her Bible amidst the chaos of her daily life, working, at home, driving to school, schooling at home, dinner, errands, all that. Welcome to WAITING IN HIS WORD! This 25+page Scripture devotional tailored with thoughtful essays and selected Scripture passages will walk you (and us) through Advent in a fresh, grounded way. It’s Lectio Divina style which means you take one passage per day, a short one, and just let it roll around all over your heart and mind and sink in. Sign up today to be notified when this guide will be ready for purchase. And when you sign up, you receive Nancy’s little mini-version she wrote about Distraction. Just to get you acquainted with the Lectio Divina style and methodology. And…

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