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Bible + Nell + Advent + You

November 15, 2015

I have never completed anything I’ve started for Advent. Books I’ve bought. Journals I’ve bought. Projects I’ve meant to do with the kids. Why? What’s the common thread? I certainly have enough time. I know I do. Everyone has time for things they are determined to do. (I know I could be scrubbing my bathroom floors instead of sewing, but I’m not. #guiltyguilty) It boils down to seeing the benefit. Maybe I’ve been late to mature spiritually, more of a “pragmatist” than a “spiritualist.” Meaning, I’d rather do something I can see tangible results from that doesn’t involve me sitting and pondering. I have a lot of growing to do spiritually. I know the benefits and I want the graces that come with spending time in prayer!! We’ve all seen the studies about the mental health benefits of prayer or meditation. It’s neurologically proven to a-right the brain and improve your systemic health and balance. Because maybe some of you are like me, and need to be encouraged and dragged and prodded. Laura & Nancy & I wrote this Waiting in the Word Advent Scripture study for mamas of little kids. We wrote essays on themes, we picked Bible verses that are short & sweet to contemplate each day, and we even designed (we meaning Nancy!!) a bookmark for your Bible so you could easily grapple with that big ole book. There’s a journal you can print off if you’re a journaler, and if you’re a community leader, there’s a…

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