7 quick takes friday

Seven Quick Takes Friday take one

July 19, 2013

I’ve been following Conversion Diary by Jennifer Fulwiler for a long while now. She’s remarkable, mom of a brood, writer, blogger, reality TV star, and pretty seriously funny. Every Friday she hosts a linkup (for non bloggers, that means other people share their link to their blog post with the same topic/title)–7 Quick Takes Friday–and it’s just that, quick takes from the week. Linking up with her and the rest of the interesting & awesome writers. Without further ado, my week in seven quickies: — 1 — SuperBoy’s tempter tantrums have been slowing down. Kinda. He escalates in a more physical way now–stomping & wringing his hands–over small little things. His sister touching his raspberry. Me requesting him to go to the bathroom and try to go. Just try. Being done with toys. Quiet time. Playtime. Transition of any kind. You know him, he’s all about baseball so a little baseball bribery has gone a long way–meaning if he doesn’t listen he loses a few of his oh-so-few (THOUSANDS) baseball cards. They go into temporary jail. Until his good behavior wins them back. It’s kinda working. — 2 — Etsy shop’s a hopping. Busy sewing, busy cutting, busy designing. There were two giveaways of my lovelies by Heartland Parenting & Camp Patton. I’m sure the best winners won! My products were also at a New York tradeshow! Well received! Yay! That’s a lot of exclamations, even for me. And I’ve got orders on my table for friends & strangers alike.…

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