39 weeks pregnant with number 3

And then she’s a big girl . . . SweetPea on her own

April 29, 2014

This little lady has suddenly grown up over night: big girl bed, potty trained (not including sleep times, because really, who includes those??), talking non-stop, and really ready to be a big sister. Did I say she was rrrrrrrreally ready? I mean, I’m moderately ready too, I supposed suppose (LET’S HAVE THIS BABY NOW). Things she says ::get baby out now; change his diaper; I nurse him; where’s Boy?; I burp him; where’s baby?; why he stuck? Things she does squeals and runs toward her B I G G I R L B E D with all her entourage in tow: including Big Darlin, Choe, Thumper, Baby Thumper, White Thumper, Jesus, an assortment of pacifiers, baby pretend bottles, swaddle blankets, mama-made-me-this blankets. The whole kit & caboodle. This she thinks going on the potty is FUN! going on the potty is TERRIBLE! going on the big toilet without the booster thing is AWFUL. going on the big toilet sans anything is GREAT! going potty and getting a health cookie is the BEST. going potty and getting an akmak cracker is BETTER. never going potty again is an option. The rest of us are along for her ride, that’s for sure. (I decided on a duvet cover! Dangerous color?) Me & almost 39 weeks are dying over yonder these here hills. I’ve been sick (use your imagination) for a few days and am hoping it’s pre-labor. If it’s not, that’s fine. If it is, let’s get this unmedicated double doula water…

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