12 in 2014

12 in 2014 {linking with Dwija}

January 4, 2015

I’m late to this game, Dwija, will you still take me?? I’ve been scrolling through my friends 12 moments in the year 2014 and finally had 20 minutes alone to share mine. It was a really big year, and it was a small year, and it was everything in between. Instead of blog links, because I feel like I already did that a bit in my New Year post, I’m just going to do 12 photos that captured our year. Love love love, late//tardy//nell//me       We celebrated my brother’s safe return from deployment by all getting together at the beginning of the year!   One of my best friends from law school got married on the beach in Florida. I got to be a bridesmaid!!   Two of my favorite friends ran a fermented foods workshop in our kitchen. Let’s just say my gut bacteria was impressed.   SuperBoy and his bestie practicing being priests. This little boy’s mom is one of my absolute favs!   My life-long friend and I got to be pregnant at the same time with two boys who are bound to be best friends! She looks so fabulous here, and even though I was due before her, I definitely look like it’s my third 😉   Double birthday with my baby girl. She was the best birthday present ever!   emily rumsey photography Another super close friend with her adorable boy. These kids of mine are so lucky to grow up being surrounded…

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