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September 6, 2018

This is probably a 7 quick takes but I may only have enough steam for 6! Joining up with Kelly and the ole gang because she hosts the best party on the internet. 1) Letters If you haven’t joined the 41, 538! 38,718 Catholic women on the internet who wrote to Pope Francis, I don’t know what’s holding you back. These are women from across the spectrum of politics and social justice, education levels and employment. We are the wide tent of the Church respectfully requesting answers. Please, check it out. 2) Fall It’s sweater weather, on a much lighter note. My favorite very short season. I love autumn in Saint Paul. I love the crisp mornings, brisk walks, and cool evenings. I love that I can go outside without my sweat sticking me everywhere. Fav season but it lasts about three blinks. 3) School The big kids are launched! I cannot tell you how relieved I am to see our first grader loving it up. She has had moments of frustration and exhaustion but she recovers her mood more quickly than ever before and still awakens at the crack of dawn, awakening me too to “ZIP ME UP” a la Lucille Blueth. Our fierce, snuggly four year old will do two mornings of nature school and Catechesis of the Good Shepherd with mama and toddler baby sister as classroom “helpers” though how much can I help when I’m prying her dead grip off the easter egg tray? Otherwise it’s…

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Looking into a week of madness and excitement

August 5, 2018

Well if it isn’t Nell, posting on SUNDAY, for her seven quick takes. Check out what Kelly and the gang have rolling over at her blog. 1. WILD I’m in an adrenaline holding pattern for the Minnesota Blessed is She WILD retreat this upcoming weekend. Seriously, cannot even stop being jumpy about it. We sold out a few weeks back and I’m just so bummed for the people who weren’t able to get their ticket in time. We always sell out at these retreats and this one was no exception. I’m the ground person so the last 8-9 months have been checking my list, talking to Beth, the director of retreats, checking back in with Saint Marks, the hosts, and then telling AA my head is going to explode. HA. Mostly from joy. Thursday we start in earnest getting everything ready and then the doors fling open Friday evening (complete with a trio of my oldest and his two best buddies playing their violins & cello for the ladies as they wait). Laura greets everyone and we eat, listen, chat, mingle, and of course, have Adoration! Saturday morning will be replete with breakfast, hearing a sister talk! confessions heard by over 15 priests from all over the archdiocese! art time, lunch time, more talks by Patty and Beth, dinner time, and then our private Mass with Bishop Cozzens and Eucharistic procession. My mom and sister are running the kitchen, dear friends orchestrating check in, so many wonderful women helping keep…

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Our Beach Vacation in 7 quick takes

July 13, 2018

We arrived home tan, rested, and bellies full of laughter and delicious food. In short, it was a wonderful vacation (an actual VACA not a trip with small children) and re-entry has been easier than I thought because I’m floating on the joy of a week with my sister and her family. Linking with Kelly and the gang. Always head to her site and read everyone’s 7 quick takes. It’s a blast! Travel was easier on the way there than expected! I’ve flown a lot with the toddler (4?5? times) since she was born, but this was our first family flight all six of us. She nursed and then slept the whole time, the oldest read happily in his seat in front of my husband and four year old (they played cards and games) and my sweet oldest girl curled up next to me with her pouch of random scraps and crap (I use the term nearly literally), happy as a clam to dig her nails into my arm any time the plane did anything remotely “scary.” It coulda been so much worse. A no-agenda trip is amazing. We didn’t have to rush anywhere. So even making our way from the airport to the rental car, through traffic to the beach house in New Jersey, and unpacking didn’t feel rushed or anxious. All of our other trips to visit family have centered around a joyous event, but an event. A get-dressed-be-there-at-a-certain-time-no-you-can’t-eat-that even. I love events! And now I know I love…

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7 Quick Takes

May 26, 2017

Oh it’s been a wonderful and wild week. Linking up with the one and only Kelly! 1// we saw friends and friends and no one is sick yet so that is a HUGE WIN! 2// I took the three youngest kids to the grocery store which is a first in my long recovery! It felt so nice to wear the baby (who was happy, thankfully), push the tot in the cart, and be helped in the steering by my big girl. It felt good to be back to some normal activities. 3// Wrapped up your custom legging orders. These ones took me a little longer than expected but I am mailing the last ones out the door tomorrow! On to a special swaddle batch next! My sewing machine is my happy place so thanks for being part of getting me there, friends. 4// Read this. Then laughed and sent to my kid’s teacher. 5// I’ve been burning the midnight oil working on editing a series for Blessed is She for women’s groups. It’s been fantastic to work with seven talented writers and to be part of the process of building community! 6// Eating lots of this. 7// Wishing Madame Secretary wasn’t done for the season but I loved the last episode so very very much.

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Where I’ve Been

April 6, 2017

Oh these quick takes are some of my favorite ways to follow what my blogging friends have been up to. Thanks for hosting, as always, Kelly! This lil gallery above is basically my life right now. In a very small nutshell. The past month has been a lot of airports, speaking, wearing the big babe all day, and connecting. I do love to connect with people and this month was no exception! 1// Blessed is She retreats. I got to go to both Phoenix’s and Austin’s! I got to stay with my friends and co-ministry-sisters. The baby was spoiled by lots of other adults holding and loving on her. Erica, you in particular! Emily, you too! Many women shared their hearts and I feel warm and special to have heard what was stirring in them. Thank you for your trust and openness, sisters! Thank you, Jenna, for starting and enabling this ministry. It’s such a blessing for so many of us. Follow the hashtag #bisretreat on insta if you want to see what it was like! 2// Catholic women blogging conference in the Twin Cities. Already blerged it, so hop here if you missed it. 3// My house is a shipwreck. You may experience this too. You are torn. Do I spend time with my kids, laughing, reading, actually playing? Or do I tidy up? And while it’s not one or the other all the time, I am gravitating toward living with more clutter and mess than usual because I have…

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Living with a Toddler: 7 Quick Takes on Survival

October 28, 2016

Living with a toddler is like living with a hurricane. Hanging out with Kelly & crew to tell you how I’m semi-surviving having a tot again. It’s my third time having a two and a half year old, and thank GOD because I know now it’s not permanent. They will, WILL, grow in their prefrontal cortexes and become semi-rational. SEMI. My favorite book for this stage (and all kids, really) is this one. It changed my expectations so I no longer freaked out about the tot not listening. Because they kinda can’t. 1// Hitting. The hitting continues. Now he’ll warn you. I HIT YOU,  MAMA. or I NO LIKE YOU SO I BITE YOU! So at least there’s a head’s up. He also throws things with remarkable accuracy. Hard heavy things. At people’s heads. 2// Refusal to get dressed in that outfit. This is a first for us. MonsterTot will not wear certain clothes on certain days. He eschews long sleevers unless they’re proclaimed “hockey jerseys” or “Joe Mauer Power Batting Shirts.” He also is wise to the fact that unless there’s a number on the back, it’s not actually a jersey. I bought this sweater and told him it was a hockey jersey. It’s the only sweater he likes. I should buy a few more. 3// Food. That food is YUCKY. No, it IS YUCKY. he says about his former favorites. All the time. Ellyn Sattler has a great guide on providing options and then letting the kid decide…

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