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lowering expectations + Advent book

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what it means to “lower your expectations.” It’s a phrase I hear thrown around a lot in mothering circles, kinda a tongue-in-cheek deal. It’s on the front of parenting greeting cards. It’s laughed about in conjunction with “wine-o-clock.” It’s ruefully admitted to in private. But I actually think it’s super important for sanity.

When I blurt out that I’ve lowered my expectations, it means I have decided what I will spend my precious few minutes of “free time” doing. I am no longer expecting that all my spare moments when no child needs me and no dinner is cooking tending, fixing, cleaning, organizing our life. Because the needs are never ending and the list on infinite loop.

I will clean up when the kids are around and I have to keep an eye on them anyway. I will step over piles of things that need to be tended to to tend to myself instead. The piles will keep. My hydration levels will not. My house and my to-do list simply can’t run me anymore or I feel so frazzled and so crabby with my kids (constantly thwarting my attempts) and husband (because he’s not a telepathic octopus) when they do.

I also am thinking about Advent already. Yes, already. I aim high every year (all the liturgical living!) and land somewhere way, way, way down. Blessed is She’s Advent devotional book this year is simply  doable for me. So I’m hoping it can help you have realistic expectations for the upcoming liturgical season, and maybe enrich your life as much as I really really hope.

It’s an Advent AND Christmas season book so it goes all the way to Jesus’ Baptism in January. And every single woman on our team, creatives included, wrote a day. That’s something totally new for us. The theme is healing the wounds of our family life through Jesus. Each day you read Jesse Tree-inspired Scripture, reflection questions, a narrative, and a prayer.

My part to play? I got to write a day, naturally, and then hone and craft and guide the writers, Managing Editor style, and then I got to draft the prayers for each day. Such a joy!

We have a sweet bundle of a specially made Rosary and a Marian journal, too, so I really hope you get at least the book but maybe the bundle!

Happy pre-Advent shopping, and happy keeping those expectations doable.


  1. Vera on October 28, 2019 at 10:07 am

    I love the “telepathic octopus” bit! – totally relatable when we want them to somehow “know” what to do. The advent book looks great.

    • novicenaturalmama on November 16, 2019 at 2:09 am

      so glad it spoke to you, friend! The book is so awesome!