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Wall quilts, missed doctor appointments, chipotle on the floor and more

Let’s start with the juicy and messy story, shall we? I had had a day of it so decided to spend our once-a -month-or-so eating out budget on Chipotle last night. It’s a mere four blocks away so I loaded up the stroller and bundled everyone up and off we trotted.

They managed to say polite in line and we made our way to the closest available table as my double stroller couldn’t weave to the far corner, where we probably belonged to contain everyone. I stashed the stroller and all the hats, mittens, and coats in a corner-ish spot while hissing to the toddler/baby/whatever you call a 22 month old to STAY ON YOUR BOTTOM. The hipster dude a table over with wireless headphones didn’t even look up, so I figured I was doing a great job.

Then came the juggling of the tray that the kind cashier had stacked the meals on–in an attempt to make more space at the table, I urged my oldest, eight going on 15 (the eye-rolling kinda out-to-lunch but super sweet kind of 15 year old) to set it over there on top of the trash but not in the trash and now that I’ve poured apple juice for everyone, please also, put the jar in the recycling area, again, not in the trash.

He went to set his big burrito down to do this task. He somehow dropped it face down on the ground instead of inside his recyclable dish. As I reached over to quell his tears and my rage, the baby/toddler/whosit dropped her cardboard boat of carefully curated beans and rice. On me. On the chair. On the floor.

I hissed, WE SHOULD JUST LEAVE NOW. Then regained a semblance of composure. The kind of composure a woman who hasn’t shaved can muster at a public pool surrounded by other moms who probably did. The kind that says, you can do hard things. We stayed. Chipotle hires incredibly compassionate and kind people. They helped clean up, and we ate what we had left before escaping the now many hipsters with ear buds who were watching.


Today I made it just on time, having tucked my babe in her stroller, having brought dipes & wipes just in case, having paid the meter despite side-eyeing it and wondering if I could get away with not doing my duty as a citizen, to my MD appointment. Flushed with pride at my accomplishment, I announced to the receptionist that I WAS HERE.

Turns out my MD was waiting for me at another location about 20 minutes away. #mylife #sosorry #pleasedontfiremeasapatient


Friday I’ll be doing a private pre-sale of my lil linen wall quilts for people on my list. Are you on my shoppe list? You can sign up here!

I’ll email you guys in the morning with the link and the details. I have taken immense joy at fashioning these lil works of art. Can you call your own work a work of art? Seems like the height of self-importance. Okay, they’re quilts and you hang them on your wall, so maybe art is in the eye of the beholder 😉 They’re all about 9×12 inches, linen, organic cotton, and lots of my own patterns of quilting on top. You can see more of them over at my instagram account.

Okay, over & out.


  1. Laura @ Life is Beautiful on October 17, 2018 at 12:50 pm

    Oh man, I seriously started to cry about the Chipotle thing as I lived it through you…motherhood is so hard some days.

    Adorable wall quilt hangings. Love the rustic look.

    • Natural Mama Nell on November 2, 2018 at 7:50 pm

      hahah oh thanks, girl!!!