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Spring in Our New House

Creeeeaky fingers back to blogging here! I loved this post by Anna and this one by Blythe about just doing it again. I have nothing clever to say, that’s for sure, but wanted to catch up on spring in our new house.

My whole life I wanted a wrap-around porch. And now I have one! Complete with this incredible swing that the kids like to try to bang against the house. #precious

Our window are these 1960 crank windows with built-in screens that screetch up and down. I’m nervous the kids will fall out of them but my husband reassures me they are metal and sturdy. I do very cautiously open them and am amazed it’s FINALLY NOT SNOWING and smells like flowers and fresh cut grass out there!

Baking is our new thing as I pay back our incredible carpooling neighbor with baked goods a few days a week. I’ve got earnest helpers and my fav recipe book. I’m in love with the brioche recipe in my fav bread book and ate so much of it I think I legit look four months pregnant. BUT I LOVE BREAD so I’m okay with that.

The former owners left a really cool swing play-yard thing but the middle needed this swing for the youngest to really get into the spirit. Our oldest girl finally figured out how to pump on a swing and watching her go flying (slightly too high for my taste) makes me tear up a little. She’s a fierce kid and when she gets something, she gets it.

I didn’t write a letter to her for her sixth birthday//my thirty-fifth because I don’t have a good reason. But here’s us lapping up that cake!!

Anthony and I have gone on two dates in the last three months and that’s two more than in the last year. It’s shocking how much nicer I seem as a wife when I’m not shouting at kids to be quiet so that I can enjoy their father. SHOCKING.

Okay, that’s too many capitalizations and blahbity blahs, but I’m glad to catch up with you. I’ve been blabbing a lot on instagram lately, so catch me there, too.





  1. tacy on May 10, 2018 at 9:26 am

    You are my spirit animal, Nell! I didn’t know that your oldest daughter is the same age exactly as my Madeleine. And I did know that we are the same age but now everything makes more sense. Haha.

    • Natural Mama Nell on May 25, 2018 at 11:54 am